What makes this MBA degree Peerless ?

This MBA takes a holistic approach to business education, erecting a strong foundation for long- term career dexterity. Benefit from a unique knowledge model concentrated on future studies and equip yourself with models and fabrics to manage shifts in technology, perspective, and more, as you master the chops necessary to maintain long- term business success in a swiftly evolving digital economy. These technology-agnostic fabrics and models concentrate on process and appreciation to ensure continuing experience and proficiency. You will examine case studies and share in simulations of business problems in arising requests, preparing you with the moxie to conduct business anywhere in the world.

Learn from Latin America’s leading business faculty

FIA has been named the #1 most innovative university in South America by European CEO Magazine and features the same world-class faculty that also teaches the #2 Executive MBA in Latin America.

Get world-class learning with a lower tuition fee

Experience the same top-quality education as your on-campus counterparts while paying significantly less in tuition costs. Take advantage of flexible payment options! Choose the plan that’s right for you and pay tuition either upfront or pay in monthly installments, up to 24 months.

Enjoy maximum flexibility

Work at your own pace, integrate online learning with your schedule, and build the skills to advance your career while maintaining an ideal work-life balance.

Gain collaborative experience through group work

Benefit from a project-based model in which two-thirds of the curriculum is collaborative. Gain essential collaboration skills as you connect with peers and develop your business network.

Leverage global business skills to make a regional impact

Benefit from curriculum, case studies, data resources, and more that are optimized to reflect the business opportunities and challenges in your region and in relevant emerging markets.

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