Top Best Accredited Online Masters of Social Work Degree Programs for 2022

Acquiring a Master of Social Work degree opens openings for advancement into cutting edge practice and administrative jobs. Bosses might even require a MSW for section level positions, particularly in clinical and school social work. Online MSW programs are great for assisting your dominance of social government assistance practices and following your own speed. Generalist social specialists frequently seek after their web-based experts degree while working and shuffling day to day life. Online training is regularly more reasonable in light of the fact that food and lodging, transportation, and childcare costs are for the most part expenses graduate understudies by and large as of now pay. That implies you can boost your certificates profit from your time and monetary speculation rapidly, as most alumni with a MSW have income of the middle social work pay drawing nearer $45,900

SWDC’s Top 5 Accredited Online MSW Programs are:

  1. University at Buffalo
  2. Columbia University
  3. Rutgers University
  4. University of Arkansas
  5. Indiana University

The contrast between online MSW degree programs licensed by perceived administering specialists (like the National Association of Social Workers NASW) and those that arent is the worth of your MSW degree. Dont squander your work, your diligent effort, and your time. Observing authorize social work programs online isn’t just a decent choice yet additionally the one in particular that matters.

Technique: How We Ranked the Best Accredited Online MSW Programs

The editors at Social Work Degree Center need hopeful social laborers and vocation centered experts to benefit from their certificates. That is the reason we zeroed in our exploration on completely authorize, legitimate social work programs offering magnificent web-based choices. Programs are positioned by educational cost rate, understudy fulfillment, and likely compensation.

1. University at Buffalo (SUNY)

The University at Buffalo’s School of Social Work offers a Master of Social Work degree program (MSW) that is considered one of the Empire State’s best online MSW programs available on a part-time basis. The University at Buffalo’s best MSW programs online is nationally ranked, and fully CSWE accredited. The university offers two online MSW options – a 60 credit traditional track and a 35-credit advanced-standing MSW degree program. Both MSW programs integrate human rights with trauma-informed perspectives.

The University at Buffalo (UB) is a member school of the state’s university system. Established by Milliard Fillmore in 1846, the University at Buffalo has grown from a small medical school to a comprehensive research school with more than 32,300 students. 

Highlight: The University at Buffalo holds the distinction of having the largest endowment and student enrollment of all SUNY schools.

Degree: MSW

2. Columbia University

One of US News highest level establishments, Columbia Universitys School of Social Work offers a Master of Social Work degree (MSW) Program that positions first among the best web-based MSW programs. Moreover, Columbia Universitys best MSW programs online is additionally the main Ivy League school to make the best five MSW online projects. Understudies joined up with Columbia Universitys MSW degree have three web-based focuses from which to pick social venture organization, strategy practice, and progressed clinical practice.

Columbia University is perceived to be probably the most established school in the country that was established as Kings College during the eighteenth century. Columbia University presently works as an elite level school with in excess of 33,400 understudies going to classes every year.

Highlight: Columbia University was established to compete with nearby Princeton University by King George II.

Degree: MSW

3. Rutgers University

The Social Work School at Rutgers University offers a Master of Social Work degree (MSW) Program that incorporates an extra Violence Against Women and Children testament that is among New Jerseys best web-based MSW programs. Rutgers best MSW programs online offers a conventional track and a high level representing those with a baccalaureate level social work degree from a CSWE certify school. Progressed standing understudies total this Master of Social Work degree in just four semesters.

Rutgers University is officially a land-grant school that is the state’s flagship institution of higher education. Established as a private school in 176, it became a public school in 1825. Rutgers is the largest school in New Jersey. 

Highlight: Rutgers University also operates as a sea and space-grant higher learning institution with more than 68,700 students studying only and across its NJ campuses.

Degree: MSW – add Violence Against Women and Children certificate

4. University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansass School of Social Work, in mix with the Fulbright Arts/Sciences College (UArk Online), offers a high level standing Master of Social Work degree (MSW) Program that is Ranked among the best web-based MSW programs. Candidates to the University of Arkansass best MSW programs online should as of now have a Bachelor of Social Work degree and enlist as full-time understudies. Degree competitors can finish this MSW program with the consummation of 39 alumni semester credits-in only one year.

The University of Arkansas was founded in the early 1870s under the Morrill Act, making it the first in the state. The University of Arkansas is also the state’s flagship campus, with more than 500 acres on its Fayetteville campus. More than 27,550 students attend classes each year. 

Highlight: The University of Arkansas is also a space-grant school with an endowment that exceeds $1.2 billion as of 2020.

Degree: Advanced Standing MSW

5. Indiana University

Indiana University offers a Master of Social Work degree(MSW) Program that is considered among the most inventive and best web-based MSW programs. These CSWE licensed best MSW programs online from Indiana University in center coursework of Core of variety, common freedoms and civil rights, social approach investigation, exploration, and generalist hypothesis and practice, to give some examples. Understudies can settle on fixations that incorporate addictions, military social work, establishments of e-social work, and tele-conduct wellbeing, to give some examples.

Indiana University was established in 1820 and now operates a variety of campuses and regional learning centers across the Hoosier state. Across the entire university, IU has a student enrollment that exceeds 100,000 students each year. 

Highlight: Famous alumni of Indiana University include Suzanne Collins, Mark Cubin, Kevin Kline, Isiah Thomas, and Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Ernie Pyle, to name a few.  

Degree: MSW

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